figure 1: Christoph Schnerr, 2016

Leeroy Lewin’s article: Debris

Debris, through careful art design and atmosphere shows that pure scale is not the only factor in creating a lonely, lost experience for the player. Debris is quite a small game, a relatively short game. What it does not have in common with No Man’s Sky is the massive procedurally generated open world to be explored. (Parkin, 2015) Debris has an embedded narrative, far more limited gameplay than No Man’s Sky, and a very slim potential for emergent narratives to surface from individual gameplay. What it shows is that feelings of loneliness, futility and insignificance in a great expanse doesn’t have to be incited by such a literal diorama, rather, it can be substituted for a much cheaper, smartly crafted alternative, as it is in Debris. (Lewin, 2016) Debris was created by only two developers during a  twenty-four hour game jam; and the minimalism this requires is what becomes Debris’ strongest suit. (Schnerr, 2016) Debris embodies the preciousness of simplicity; it is an interactive re-imagining of the phrase “Less is more.”



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